LuckNews - a simple, elegant, fast RSS news reader available for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Available from the Apple App Store.

LuckNews is a simple, flexible, easy to use News reader for your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Highlighted features:

  • view articles either as their full web content (HTML) or in a simple RSS form.
  • scrolling and navigating through articles is easy - swipe to advance to the next article. Most of your time will be spent reading and advancing, LuckNews makes these tasks easy.
  • a simple interface. Easy to understand and use.
  • organize your RSS feeds into folders.
  • cloud support - keep desktop and mobile LuckNews in sync.
  • share RSS feeds with others, via AirDrop, Mail and the other standard techniques.
  • easily add new subscriptions to LuckNews. Automated discovery of subscriptions from web pages is supported.
  • able to display RSS content in any language.
  • supports RSS, Atom and other news feed formats.
  • Dark mode is supported.
  • LuckNews has many additional features and nice touches…

Give it a try! LuckNews will quickly become your preferred News reader.

Mac, iPhone and iPad.

iPhone Subscriptions.
iPhone Articles list.
iPhone Article view.

The app is now available for iPhone and iPad, as well as the Mac.

Your Privacy.

The author of LuckNews is not interested in collecting any personal information from you. There is no requirement to create an account with LuckNews, or share your email address, contacts, phone number, or anything else.

Your interests and activities are not being harvested and sold to third parties. That information is not collected at all - LuckNews respects your privacy.

The subscriptions that you find and subscribe to are not stored on the LuckNews server, they are private to your device.

There is more detail in the LuckNews Privacy Policy.