The view from s/v Luckness, taken by the author, while at anchor in Beveridge Reef.     20° 01' S, 167° 45' W

LuckNews was first released in early 2013 on macOS 10.9, Mavericks. A lot has changed since that time. Among the changes are that Apple has introduced a new language that developers can use to develop apps, called Swift. There have been numerous improvements and enhancements to their development frameworks.

The author takes pride in creating quality applications. Applications that people will enjoy to use. When LuckNews was first released, it was a high quality app, using up to date, at the time, frameworks. Over the years, LuckNews fell behind as the author spent time on other development projects (largely, LuckGrib.)

After being available for close to a decade, it was time to either abandon the app, removing it from the App store, or to spend the development effort required to build a fresh new version of LuckNews. A version that I could once again be proud of.

Version 4.0 of LuckNews is a complete rewrite. It is, essentially, a new application. This new version should look familiar to customers who have been using prior versions. The new version has a large number of improvements, and its fresh new codebase will make adding future improvements much easier than it was with the legacy vesion of LuckNews.

Your feedback to the author will help direct future enhancements. If you have an idea for something you would like to see supported, please contact the author with your suggestion.

iPad and iPhone.

With version 4.0, LuckNews is now available on iPad and iPhone for the first time.

iPhone Subscriptions.
iPhone Articles list.
iPhone Article view.

People have been requesting that LuckNews be made available on their mobile devices, so that they could access their news while out and about. This is now possible. You’re welcome!

All of your subscriptions can be easily shared among your devices.