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Jan 28, 2022. | By: Craig McPheeters

With the introduction of this new web site, along side the new version of LuckNews, the older web site content is now lost. This post records a brief history of the legacy version.

Version 1.1.
  • First released, January 8, 2013.
  • v1.2 released, February 19, 2013.
  • v2.0 released, April 25, 2013.
  • various intermediate releases, and then…
  • v3.0 released, February 25, 2015. A new, faster data model. LuckNews moved to being a free app.
  • v3.1 released, February 4, 2016.
  • v3.2 released, Jun 4, 2017.
  • v3.2.2 released, Sep 13, 2019. This was the last update of legacy LuckNews.
Version 3.1.

The legacy app was using Apple frameworks which, while initially, were the latest and best thing, became deprecated and old over time. The app was implemented in the Objective-C language.

In order to continue support for LuckNews, it needed a large rewrite… The story continues in the next post.


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