LuckNews v4.1 now available.

Mar 1, 2022. | By: Craig McPheeters

An update to LuckNews is now available.

The main focus of this update has been to incorportate support for storing subscription and article state in the cloud. This state is used to keep more than one instance of LuckNews in sync.

Cloud support will be useful for people who are running LuckNews on both a Mac (desktop or laptop) as well as their iPhone. Articles that you read on one device will now be marked as having been read on the other. Changes to the subscription list are also synchronized.

Along with the Cloud Support there are a number of smaller changes throughout the app.

Thanks to everybody who sent me feedback after the initial 4.0 release in this new series, I appreciate hearing from you.

Feedback welcome.

Feedback on the app, as always, is welcome. If you could leave a comment on the App store, that would also be appreciated.


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