LuckNews is not free software.

When you first start using LuckNews, you are also starting a three month evaluation period. There is nothing you are required to do to start your evaluation - simply download the app and start using it. There are no special login requirements, no accounts to setup, no subscription to start. You will never need to share your phone number or email address. Download and run, its simple and risk free.

Some applications use a model where you are required to start a subscription which has an initial free trial period. Later, if you forget about the trial, you will start to be charged at the subscription rate. That model has always seemed somewhat deceptive to me. It seems a little like a trick the app plays on the customer. LuckNews does not use that model. Simply download the app, for free, and then start using it.

At the conclusion of your three month evaluation period, you are encouraged to make a contribution. There are a variety of contribution amounts you can choose from. Each contribution is an automatically renewing subscription, paid every three months. You are free to choose your own contribution amount.

If you value the app highly and use it a lot, please consider a moderate contribution. If you only use the app infrequently, to track a small number of news sources, you may choose to contribute less. If you are using LuckNews as a replacement for a more expensive, fixed price application, share a little love.

You may choose to not contribute. If that’s the case, the app will continue to work, however the reminder about making a contribution will remain.

What do you get for your contribution? Instant good karma. Priceless.