Privacy Policy

The LuckNews privacy policy is pretty simple.

Personal information.

The only personal information that may be retained by LuckNews is if you email the author with a suggestion, question or for any other reason, your email may be preserved. LuckNews does not sell, rent or lease the list of email addresses of customers who are kind enough to contact us. That would be rude and we don’t do it.

Your subscriptions.

All of the news feeds that you find and subscribe to are kept private, on your device. They are not shared with the LuckNews server or with other LuckNews users. You are free to share all of the content that you find as widely as you choose, and there are ways setup in the app to make this easy to do. But sharing your content is your decision.


This website does not use cookies to track your activity.


If you feel this policy is unclear in some respect, or have any other questions regarding it, please contact the author.