Cloud Support

LuckNews is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

A common way of using the app will be to run it on both a Mac desktop or laptop, as well as a mobile device, such as an iPhone. The iPhone can be used to keep up to date with the news while out and about, and when you return home, go back to using the Mac’s larger screen to continue reading the news.

In this scenario, it is convenient to have the app recognize changes you made on your Mac when you start using your iPhone to read articles, and when returning home, to have your Mac recognize the articles which have been read on your iPhone.

LuckNews supports synchronizing multiple copies of LuckNews by storing state data in the cloud. This state data is used to keep track of:

  • newly created subscriptions
  • subscriptions you may have removed
  • subscription settings
  • subscription folder organization
  • the articles that have been read

LuckNews uses Apple’s iCloud facility to store its state data.

There is no setup required to start using the Cloud support in the app, the default for the app is to share the subscription and article data with the Cloud.

The application settings window has a control to enable or disable Cloud Support. In addition, you can use the standard Apple facilities to allow an app access to the Cloud, as well as to delete any Cloud data.