Article updates

LuckNews is able to detect when an article you have previously read, is updated.

When an article is presented in the article list for the first time, it will be shown with a little red dot beside it. The red dot indicates that the article is unread:

When you first read an article, this unread mark goes away, indicating that this article is now read (or in the process of being read.)

After reading an article, it will disappear from the list, if the article list is in its normal (and recommended) mode of displaying only unread articles.

Later, the author of the article may choose to update the article in some manner. LuckNews will see that the article now has a modified date which is newer than when you last read it, and bring the article back as an update:

This can be quite useful! …and sometimes, it can also be a little annoying.

To read updates or not to read updates…

After reading a subscription for a while, you will recognize that some authors seem to publish an article, then proof read it, and then the article will appear to go through a long series of updates. Other authors rarely update an update after it is published, and when they do update the article, it is a meaningful update that you may want to read.

LuckNews allows you to set up a subscription to either ignore article updates, or to show them: