Context menus and settings

LuckNews allows you to edit a number of settings for each subscription. In addition, there are settings available for the application itself. These are all accessed through a series of menus.

LuckNews Settingsā€¦

You can access the application settings, LuckNews Settingsā€¦ from a variety of places:

  • from the menu button at the top right of the Content View.
  • through the context menu available by doing a long press on the article content.
  • from the Settings button in the Library Toolbar.

LuckNews will always refresh its article content when you launch the application. In addition, while active, LuckNews will also refresh its articles at an interval you specify, as shown in the settings view above.

The Cloud Support switch is discussed in more detail soon.

The settings also allows you to control how much of an articles title is shown in the Article List, the font used when displaying an article in its RSS form, and the size of the font, as shown above.

Context menus.

There are context menus throughout the application. When you perform a long press on an item, the application will present a context menu. This is true for the rows in the Library, article list rows, and the article itself.

After performing a long press on an article in the Article List you will see soemthing like this:

This is one of the areas where you can access a subscriptions settings. After choosing that item, you will see something like this:

Note that the Subscription settings editor, shown above, is also available through the context menu on a subscription in the Library view.