To use Javascript or not?

Each subscription has an option to enable or disable Javascript.

If the articles contain video content, you will typically need to turn on Javascript.

If there is no video content, you may or may not need Javascript. If you are viewing the articles in their simpler RSS / Atom form, then you will not need to enable it.

If you are viewing an article in its Web content form, then you may also need to enable Javascript in order to have the article be presented properly. Give it a try first without, and then with, if necessary.

Many sites use Javascript to make a page come alive, with sliding windows, advertisements, etc. If you like those, turn on Javascript.

I generally prefer to view the RSS content in its simplest form. If that is not sufficient, I will turn on the Web content view, without Javascript. If that’s not working, then I’ll turn on Javascript.

Here’s an example of a subscription without and with Javascript:

Without Javascript.
With Javascript.

Note that in this case, the subscription has full content in its RSS form, so there is no need to view it as Web content.