Reading while offline

In todays world, we seem to increasingly always have access to the internet. Cool.

If you find yourself in a situation where you come in and out of internet access, you may want to switch LuckNews into a mode where it retains all of the content needed for viewing, on the device.

One scenario where this is useful is for sailors who are cruising around. Sailors may arrive into an area and anchor where they happen to be out of range of internet. When they visit the shore, they will often find internet. LuckNews can be setup to update all of its subscriptions and their content, allowing you to return to the boat and read the news at your leisure.

The sailing scenario above may be similar to people who are traveling around in an RV, people traveling while on a vacation, people exploring the wilderness, and so on.

A different scenario where offline viewing may be useful is if a subscription removes content after a while. By archiving the content on your device, you will retain this content.

Article lifetime.

Note that this archived content is only kept as long as the article is kept in LuckNews. The rule is:

  • all articles which are unread will be kept until they have been read.
  • all articles which are marked as being a favorite or pinned are kept forever.
  • if the subscription is marked as save all articles forever, then, well, they are.

Once an article is a candiate for being deleted, at some point in the future, it will be. When this happend depends on how active the news feed is.