Welcome to LuckNews

LuckNews has been available on the Mac since 2013. With version 4, LuckNews is now also available on iPhone and iPad. Version 4 of LuckNews is a major new revision, with many updates and changes.

You will find LuckNews easy to use. However there are a few areas where a few hints and tips are provided. This includes:

  • how to find new subscriptions.
  • should you view RSS content or Web (HTML) content?
  • offline viewing and archiving.
  • article updates.

You could simply play with the app, discovering its capabilities as you explore. This series of short articles may save you some time in a few areas.

Next / Previous article.

One of the first tasks to master is to discover how to move onto the next article.

On an iPhone, there are two main ways to navigate to the next or previous article.

The first step, is to be viewing articles, rather than your subscriptions or the article list. Tap the Content icon in the tab bar, at the bottom of the screen.

Once you are in the Content view, you can navigate in two ways:

  • use the swipe gesture to move to the next or previous article. Tap on the article and slide left or right.
  • tap the left or right arrows in the toolbar, at the bottom of the screen.

If you are reading this article in LuckNews, give it a try! Move onto the next article in this series.