View as RSS or Web content?

LuckNews is able to present an article in two main ways:

  • as the content embedded in the RSS or Atom feed.
  • as the Web content that is often linked from the RSS or Atom feed.

Each RSS / Atom feed is free to include as much or as little content in the feed as the authors of that feed decides. Some RSS / Atom feeds contain entire articles, others only contain a short summary.

You may like the simple presentation that LuckNews uses to present RSS content, however if the feeds author does not include the entire article content, you may want to view the Web content.

Sample RSS presentation.

You can show the Subscription Settings… in two ways:

  • select the subscription in the sidebar list, then choose the menu item: File -> Subscription Settings…
  • the context menu available on each article in the Article List, by holding down the control key while clicking on an article, or by doing the right click gesture by tapping with two fingers on the trackpad.

When the context menu is shown, select Subscription Settings… Then turn on Show Web content:

Edit the subscription settings.

The article is then presented as:

Sample Web (HTML) presentation.