Creating new Subscriptions

Discovering, adding and sharing new subscription content is at the core of using LuckNews.

The easiest way to add subscription content to LuckNews would be to have some of your friends share content that they find interesting (or entertaining, or annoying, etc.) This is discussed in a different article in this series.

RSS is all over the internet.

There are a great many web sites which provide access to their content via either RSS or an Atom feed. The trick, is to find out how to access this content.

(Note that RSS and Atom are two file formats for this content. They are technically different, although LuckNews reads both. These tutorials use the term RSS to refer to both of these file formats.)

Many web sites will advertise access to their RSS feed by displaying the RSS icon, somewhere on the page:

When you discover a web site you want to follow, try looking for the RSS icon. If you find the icon, click on it and see what happens. What happens next is dependent upon how the web site is set up, along with how a series of steps is handled by the device you are reading on.

You may find that after clicking on the RSS icon that the device presents you with a list of applications which are able to read that RSS content, and LuckNews will be in that list. If this is the case, select LuckNews and enjoy your new news feed!

Having LuckNews search for the RSS feed.

A lot of the subscriptions I have in LuckNews came from web sites that did not advertise where their RSS feeds were. For these sites, a different approach is needed.

When you find a web page you would like to follow, you can have LuckNews look through the site, trying to find an RSS feed. To do this, follow these steps:

  • copy the URL for the web site, from the browser you are using to view it. This is normally done by clicking in the title bar area on the URL, and then using the standard Copy action, through the Edit menu or a context menu.
Step 1: copy the URL.
  • now that the URL has been copied, go back to LuckNews and choose the New Subscription… menu item, from the File menu. When the New Subscription editor appears, it will already be showing the URL you had copied. (If not, paste it into the field.) If you know what the URL is, you can also type it directly into this field:
Step 2: paste in the URL.
  • press the Continue button. A this point, LuckNews will perform a search of the site at that URL, looking for an RSS feed. LuckNews may find one, more than one, or no RSS feeds. If more than one feed is found, you can choose which of them you want to subscribe to:
Step 3: select the feeds you want.

Three simple steps.

These three steps to get content into LuckNews will be fairly common. Refer back to this page if you forget the details.

As many web sites do not advertise their RSS feeds in a easy to find way, I find that going through these steps is the preferred technique for adding content to LuckNews.

  1. use a web browser to find a site.
  2. copy the URL for the site.
  3. paste the URL into LuckNews.

This is often easier than searching through a site, trying to find the RSS (or other) icon.

Not all pages in a site offer an RSS feed.

Note that a site may have many different RSS feeds, but that their main page may not link to any of them. Look for a page which presents list-like content. For example, the main page may describe a business in general, with other pages presenting more detailed content such as activities they have scheduled, or products they offer. Look for these more detailed pages and then have LuckNews search for RSS content.