Using Folders

After using LuckNews for a little while, you will likely end up with a lot of different news sources, of various types. Adding a little organization to your collection can help in a variety of ways.

Creating folders.

Subscriptions can be organized into Folders.

On the Mac, you can create a new Folder in two ways.

  1. there is a New Folder menu item in the File menu. Or, …
  2. at the bottom of the sidebar, there is a + button which will bring up a menu with the option to create a new folder.

After doing that, you will see something like this:

If you have any subscriptions (or other folders) selected, then you have the option of extracting those and including them into the new folder you are about to create. Alternatively, you can create an empty folder.

Give it a name, and click Save.

Deleting subscriptions and folders.

If you enter the Library Edit mode, by tapping the Edit button in the Library toolbar, you can tap on the delete icon to the left of each folder and subscription. After confirming the deletion, it will go away.

Note that when you delete a folder, you are presented with the option of deleting the folder and all of its content, or just the folder itself, leaving the content in the app.

If your Mac has a trackpad, you can also swipe left on a subscription or folder, to expose the delete button.

Re-ordering subscriptions.

If you enter the Library Edit mode, each row will have a re-order icon on its right hand side. Tap and drag these icons to change the order of the Library contents.