Sharing Subscriptions

Once you have collected a set of subscriptions, you may find that you want to share them with others. Having others share their subscriptions with you would be an easy way to get started using LuckNews.

Sharing your content with others.

The first point to consider when you choose to share your subscription content with others, is do you want to share everything, or only a few selected subscriptions? You probably have a wide range of interests. The person you are sharing with may share some of those interests, but not all of them.

If you do not have any subscriptions selected, all of your subscriptions will be shared. Select subscriptions in the sidebar area, in the normal manner.

To start the sharing process, either use the menu item Share Subscriptions… in the File menu, or click on the sharing icon in the bottom of the sidebar. You will then see an editor such as this:

Note that the second paragraph of this view explains which subscriptions are being shared. In this case, they all are.

There are two main ways of sharing:

  1. Share. This includes AirDrop, Messages, Mail, and so on.
  2. Export to a File. This can be used to later attach it to an email, copy to a different device, backup, etc.

Having others share their content with you.

When someone shares their subscriptions with you, you first need to accept the exchanged file.

If you are receiving the shared data via Email, tap on the attachment. This will be similar in Messages, AirDrop, etc.

When LuckNews receives a shared subscription file, it will present you with an editor which gives you some choices on what you want to do:

This file may contain subscription settings, such as preferences on whether or not a subscription is shown as RSS or Web content, allows javascript, or display article updates. You can use the default settings for these, or adopt the settings from the file.