Three column split view

The application is structured as a three column, split view. The three columns are, from the left: the sidebar; the article list; and the article view.

The Mac three column view.

The sidebar, the left most column, contains the list of your subscriptions and folders.

  • each folder can be opened or collapsed, by pressing the chevron (arrow) icon on the folder row.
  • the bottom row of icons provides access to a number of actions. Many of these are also available through the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • share subscriptions by pressing the share button (or use a menu item.)

This is the view where you would create a new subscription or organize existing subscriptions into folders.

Deleting and re-organizing subscriptions.

If you click the Edit button in the bottom toolbar, the sidebar changes into its editing mode. While in edit mode, each subscription or folder can be deleted. You can also change the order of the rows.

After reading this guide and learning how the app works, you may want to delete the Sample subscriptions which came with the app. This will be a good time to practice re-ordering and deletion.

Collapsed sidebar.

The sidebar has been collapsed.

When not needed, the sidebar can be collapsed by clicking on the sidebar icon in the titlebar.

Resize the columns.

Each of the columns can be resized by placing the pointer carefully on the vertical line which separates the views.

When your cursor is properly positioned, it will change its appearance. When that happens, click down and drag the line to the left and right.

Article list.

This is where you choose which articles you want to view.

You have the option of showing:

  • Unread articles. Only articles you have not read yet are presented.
  • Favorites. Only articles that you have marked as being a favorite are shown.
  • Pinned. Only the pinned articles are shown.
  • All articles. This will, well, show all of them!

The most common choice for which articles to view will be the Unread Articles option. This allows you to go through new content, and as you read articles, after a brief delay, each article that has been read will disappear from the list.

The other choice you have is to have the system consider all articles across all subscriptions, or only the articles in the subscriptions you have selected.

Article view.

This is the view where you will spend most of your time - reading the new articles! There is more detail on this view in another article.