Welcome to LuckNews

LuckNews has been available on the Mac since 2013. With version 4, LuckNews is now also available on iPhone and iPad. Version 4 of LuckNews is a major new revision, with many updates and changes.

You will find LuckNews easy to use. However there are a few areas where a few hints and tips are provided. This includes:

  • how to find new subscriptions.
  • should you view RSS content or Web (HTML) content?
  • offline viewing and archiving.
  • article updates.

You could simply play with the app, discovering its capabilities as you explore. This series of short articles may save you some time in a few areas.

Next / Previous article.

One of the first tasks to master is to discover how to move onto the next article.

On the Mac, there are a variety of ways to move to the next or previous article. In the order of my preference:

  • if you are using a laptop, you can use the two finger swipe gesture on the track pad to move to the next or previous article.
  • if you have access to a Magic Trackpad the technique above should work.
  • use the keyboard left / right arrow keys.
  • tap the left / right icons in the title bar.
  • use the menu items (although the left / right arrow keys are provided as keyboard shortcuts for these.)

If you are reading this article in LuckNews, give it a try! Move onto the next article in this series.